Saturday, March 2, 2013

OJ Da Juiceman – Juice World 2 (Mixtape)

OJ Da Juiceman – Juice World 2 (Mixtape)

OJ Da Juiceman drops off his second mixtape offering, Juice World 2. Features include Gorilla Zoe, Zaytoven Cory Mo and more. Hit the jump for the tracklist/download link.

01. OJ Da Juiceman – Juice World 2 Intro

02. OJ Da Juiceman – Life On The Edge

03. OJ Da Juiceman – Return Of The Juiceman

04. OJ Da Juiceman – Ziplock (Feat. Gorilla Zoe) [Prod. By Metro]

05. OJ Da Juiceman – Middle Fingers [Prod. By Zaytoven]

06. OJ Da Juiceman – Too Fake [Prod. By Zaytoven]

07. OJ Da Juiceman – Mix

08. OJ Da Juiceman – Bandz In Yo Face (Feat. Tony Bandz) [Prod. By MPC Cartel]

09. OJ Da Juiceman – Freestyle

10. OJ Da Juiceman – Where You Been Juice

11. OJ Da Juiceman – Outro

12. OJ Da Juiceman – No Hook [Prod. By MPC Cartel]

DOWNLOAD: OJ Da Juiceman – Juice World 2 (Mixtape)

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Saturday Night Sexy: Bria Myles

Twitter: @RealBriaMyles/Instagram: realbriamyles

It looks like our initial Saturday Night Sexy wasn’t too happy with tonight’s appreciation. The now “former” model accused us of using her photographs (that are available all over the Internets) without her consent. Whether she thought we were out here to tarnish her name rather than acknowledge her attractiveness — since that’s what we do every Saturday — we’re going to leave it behind and make sure the Dopehouse doesn’t miss out on even better chocolate eye candy. The replacement girl: Bria Myles. Get ‘em.

  • bria-myles_01

  • bria-myles_02

  • bria-myles_03

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  • bria-myles_07

Octomom Has Mental Breakdown In New Video (Is She On Drugs?)

When you’re famous for giving birth to eight kids, that can get old really quick. So the only thing you can do to keep attracting attention to yourself is do things like getting a reality show or having public meltdowns.

According to TMZ, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom is proving that she’s up on her Being Famous for No Reason 101.

The site has released a video of the mother of 14, having a complete (seemingly drug-induced) mental breakdown.


The footage appears to have been shot by concerned friends who have had to put up with her erratic behavior on a regular basis. In it, Suleman can be seen laughing hysterically and falling over as she holds a drink.

Is it just us or is she acting like the possessed little girl in “The Exorcist?”

Someone please call social services!

Former Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King Offered $250K YouPorn Hosting Gig After Sex Tape Emerges

On Tuesday Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King resigned after a sex tape she purportedly starred in surfaced. The brunette beauty left her post even though she has claimed that it isn’t her in the video.

In an interview with Delaware Online on Monday, King said that the girl “absolutely not” her. The video (NSFW!!!) was found on a site called, in which young women (often teens) agree to have sex on camera with a man whose face is never shown. It was shot just after King’s (or whoever it is in the video’s) 18th birthday.

The videos, which are usually about five minutes long, begin with the girls answering a series of personal questions, including why they are willing to be featured on the site.

King’s doppelganger tells the camera that she “thought it would be fun” and that she “needed the money.” She also says that she’s done beauty pageants but doesn’t go into specifics.

It’s safe to say that King’s career is over before it even began because as we all know sex tapes totally ruin lives. But not really. In fact, sex tapes often lead to worldwide fame and attention (see: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton).

Proof that sex tapes aren’t a resume killer emerged on Thursday when TMZ reported that the porn website YouPorn has offered King $250,000 to be their spokesperson.

The site’s offer reads:

“While you may have surrendered your tiara for Miss Teen USA, we’d like to keep that pretty head of yours topped with ours, and name you Miss Youporn … We believe your incredible beauty and personality coupled with our internet traf?c is a “win win” for both of us. We believe this story will only catapult your career and could really expose you to an entirely different audience.”

No word yet on whether King has considered YouPorn’s lucrative deal but you can expect her to be a “celebrity” competitor on a reality show any day now.

Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King
Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King

Openly Gay Black Mayoral Candidate Marco McMillian Killed In Mississipi

On Thursday in Jackson, Mississippi, a 22-year-old man by the name of Lawrence Reed was charged with the death of openly gay mayoral candidate Marco McMillian.

The investigation for this case began Tuesday when a man crashed McMillan’s SUV into another car on U.S Highway 49 near the Coahoma and Tallahatchie county lines.

Interestingly enough, McMillian wasn’t in the vehicle during the crash, but on Wednesday morning, McMillian’s body was found near the Mississippi River levee.

McMillian may have been the first openly gay candidate running the conservative state of Mississippi.

He served four years as an international executive director of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. He was also the CEO of MWM & Associates — a consulting firm for nonprofit organizations.

According to his fraternity, he secured the first federal contract to raise awareness about the heavy impact of HIV and AIDS, and in 2004 McMillian was recognized as one the nation’s “30 up and coming African Americans” under the age of 30.

Considering the fact that a rather conservative state like Mississippi doesn’t support gay rights, and is also known for its racism, it wouldn’t be surprising if McMillan’s death turned out to be the result of a hate crime.

A young African American man with such gratitude, and willingness to change lives was taken from us most likely because he was gay, and the color of his skin most certainly didn’t help. What other motive could one have to kill this man?

According to Warren Strain, a spokesman with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the autopsy has been completed but toxicology and other test results are pending, and the cause of death will not be released until the report is completed.


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