Friday, December 21, 2012

Better News for Guardians?

Are things looking up for DreamWorks Animation? From the Nikkster's weekend box office prediction:

3. Rise Of The Guardians (DreamWorks Animation/Paramount) Week 5 in 3,031 theaters. This should amass another $12M-$15M this weekend because of the paucity of toons. Gross not as disappointing now…

The gross could well in the mid to high 80s by the end of the Christmas holiday. That would put it within hailing distance of $100 million.

This ain't a lot by recent Dreamworks Animation standards, but combined with the grosses overseas, Guardians could end up above the $300 million mark after it sails through the holiday season. (A DreamWorker told me today that the company has had 17 money-makers in a row.)

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