Thursday, February 28, 2013

Melanie Fiona, Wrong Side of a Love Song

Melanie Fiona, Wrong Side of a Love Song

Melanie Fiona talks new song.

Top 6 Unknown Facts About Kevin Hart

Faizon Love shares unknown facts about Kevin Hart.

106 Playback: Melanie Fiona & Faizon Love

Melanie Fiona talks about new music and more.

Melanie Fiona, Wrong Side of a Love Song

Melanie Fiona talks new song.

Top 6 Unknown Facts About Kevin Hart

Faizon Love shares unknown facts about Kevin Hart.

106 Playback: Melanie Fiona & Faizon Love

Melanie Fiona talks about new music and more.

Promise – Drake Started From The Bottom

As a long time friend of one Aubrey Graham, the Canadian Duck Down representative takes some time out to share some thoughts.

I had the craziest dream last night which is what warranted this. I’ve been wanting to say stuff before but held back for various reasons and as I’m not causing any harm I felt staying silent was unjust. My music is meant to be heard. So instead of doing anything official I decided to go this route to get my thoughts out and keep it moving.

I made the actual title “Drake Started From The Bottom” because people always interview me asking my take on that whole thing that he never was at the “bottom” so to speak. But he was musically, not that all the other things in his life didn’t work well for him but there were people who wouldn’t work with him or give him an ear simply because of all the things we all believe to have boosted him to the position he is in. I was fortunate enough to be a friend in his early stages and truly witness his struggles and growth and can speak on some of them. #realtalk

Silent Knight & The Band FUSE – Last Call

First single off Silent Knight and company’s upcoming album, Impossible Dream.

DOWNLOAD: Silent Knight & The Band FUSE – Last Call

aDDLib – Ups & Downs (Video)

As he prepares two new projects (that will be released within the year), Oklahoma’s aDDLib drops off some new visuals.

PREVIOUS: aDDLib – The Axis f. Chris McCain (prod. OneLove)

Solange Brings Her Sexy Hipster Swag to David Letterman

One of the benefits of being Beyonce’s little sister is that you can book gigs and make relationships based on your status as a sibling to Queen Bey. The downside, however, is that few people will ever see you as anything but as a lesser version of Beyonce.

That is, unless you’re able to transcend the sibling comparisons like Janet Jackson did with her brother Michael. LaToya, however, was not so lucky.

Anyway, all of that is to say that Solange is a true talent in her own right who deserves to shine. Not because she’s kin to Beyonce but because she’s genuinely awesome.

Some might find Solange to be sickeningly hipster, but deal with it. Yes, Solange loves her a thrift store garment, an afro wig and some obscure-ass white folks, but it works for her. Though we do have to admit that we could do without the annoying prententious single and album covers that don’t have a title or photo on them. Just one.frickin’.solid.color.

But Solange’s big-time break might have finally arrived. Her lead single, “Losing You,” did quite well on YouTube, garnering over 5 million views on YouTube. Definitely not bad for an indie artist.

Her hipster magic worked its voodoo on David Letterman when she stopped by to perform on his show. After she performed her stunning single, “Don’t Let Me Down,” Letterman quipped that the two should go on tour together. Nice try, but no.


Former WNBA Star Chamique Holdsclaw Facing 65-Year Prison Sentence for Attacking Ex-Girlfriend

Remember that top WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw who was arrested in Atlanta last year for her violent encounter with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lacy? Well, it looks like Holdsclaw has officially been hit with criminal charges, and she could be facing up to 65 years in prison if she’s convicted.

To refresh your memory of that violent encounter, Chamique allegedly attacked Lacy’s car with a baseball bat, then fired a gun — yes, she fired a GUN — into the car while Lacy sat in the driver’s seat, according to the police report.

Chamique Holdsclaw has now been charged with 6 crimes in total. Those counts include aggravated assault, 1 count of criminal damage in the first degree, 2 counts of criminal damage in the second degree, and last but most certainly not least, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

So what exactly sent Chamique over the edge on that fateful night? Well, to put it simply … the two had broken up, and Jennifer decided to move on with her life.

Talk about a thin line between love and violence!! Well, some like to combine the two and call it love, but you get where I’m going. The combination can be pretty bad.

Up to 65 years behind bars over a person who has moved on, and is still going to move on definitely, is not worth it. I’m sure Chamique understands that now.

She better say a prayer or two … or maybe three.

The Miami Heat Do The Harlem Shake

Jesus take the wheel. Just when you thought the “Harlem Shake” was a short-lived fad that would have fizzled out by last week, the Miami Heat squad has pumped even more life into it.  Today the fellas released a new video titled...


Of Course The Miami Heat Did A “Harlem Shake” Video…

Harlem Heat

Right when I thought that the Harlem Shake video craze was finally dead, the Miami Heat throw their hats in the ring. And I’m okay it because besides LeBron & company basically being a lock this year for the NBA title, it shows they don’t take themselves too seriously and even promotes team unity. Dwayne Wade (I think) is dressed up like a College Dropout/808′s & Heartbreak mash up of Kanye West, LeBron James is dressed up like a king (of course), and Chris Bosh is… I’m not sure (The dude from The Big Lebowski?). And shout to Chris “Birdman” Andersen for being with the Heat for a little over a month but still setting off the video.

Sidenote: I should have fit in a Harlem Heat joke somewhere.

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