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Magic Johnson BEGS LeBron James To Do Slam Dunk Contest: “I Will Give You $1 Million Dollars!”

Magic Johnson BEGS LeBron James To Do Slam Dunk Contest: “I Will Give You $1 Million Dollars!”

Magic Johnson is practically BEGGING basketball phenom LeBron James to participate in next year’s NBA All-Star slam dunk contest.

In fact, Magic wants LeBron to do the dunk contest so bad, that he’s offering Bron-Bron $1 million if the NBA player decides to finally enter All-Star weekend’s marquee event next year.

The NBA currently pays $100,000 to the Sprite-sponsored slam dunk contest’s winner and $50K to the runner-up, but Magic is offering 7 figures to either LeBron or the person that defeats the Miami Heat superstar.

“Please, LeBron, get in the dunk contest. I’m going to put up a million dollars,” Johnson said on ESPN‘s Kia NBA Countdown. “A million dollars from Magic to LeBron. Please get in the dunk contest. I go every year. I want to see you out there. A million to the winner.”

For whatever reason, James has refused to participate in the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest every year. But recently he’s been putting on dunk shows before Miami home games during warm-ups, which has reignited the public’s interest in seeing him take part in the annual festivities.


Rihanna Tells Elle UK She Wants Babies (with Chris Brown?)

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, but does that mean we will be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet soon for the musical couple? Well, maybe not now, but according to Rihanna’s Elle UK magazine cover, it will happen one day. “I will have a child,” the magazine headline states.

Rihanna graces several different covers of Elle UK for their April 2013 issue. On the main cover (above), she can be seen rocking a short haircut, along with a blue and white striped shirt and blue skirt. Inside the magazine, she opens up about her reconciliation with Brown, and the possibility of them starting a family together.

“We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that … And right now that’s what we want, a great friendship that’s unbreakable,” she told the mag. “Now that we’re adults we can do this right.”

Rihanna also tells the magazine that she had her own reasons for taking Brown back, but that their love is very strong.

“I have my own reasons, very, very private reasons,” she continued. ”Very personal. A lot of things. Bottom line is … I know him. I had a lot to think about and I had a lot of time to think about it. I was trying to do this for myself … You don’t have that feeling (of everlasting love) with everybody so when you have it you don’t want to let go of it. I would definitely say that he (Chris Brown) is the one I have that kind of relationship with.”

RiRi also spoke on her social media presence and why she shares so much of herself on Twitter and Instagram.

“I Instagram everything about my life, whether it’s smoking piff, in a strip club, reading a Bible verse — how crazy, I know — or hanging with my best friend, who happens to be Chris,” she said. “I’m posting pictures of myself smoking piff to tell the truth about myself. I’ve got so much to think about, why bring all this extra shit by being dishonest?”

About having children, Rihanna says that it could happen within the next five or so years: “Shall I say this? I will probably have a kid… (who’ll be the father?) I can’t tell you that. It’s not my business. It’s God’s business.”

Rihanna on the cover of Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)
Rihanna on the cover of Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)
Rihanna: Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)
Rihanna: Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)
Rihanna: Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)
Rihanna: Elle UK Magazine (April 2013)

Kenyan Boy Honored for Ingenious Invention That Scares Lions Away

Lions are a constant threat to farmers in Kenya, as cattle are their preferred late-night snack. But one family no longer has that to worry about thanks to a 13-year-old boy’s ingenious invention to keep lions from attacking their precious cattle.

Richard Turere has been put in charge protecting his family’s cows, sheep and goats from hungry lions since he was 11 years old. One day, he started moving around at night with a flashlight, and noticed that the lions stayed away because they were scared of the moving light.

So a few weeks later, he came up with a low-cost solution he calls “Lion Lights” — basically LEDs attached to poles that face outward and are programmed to flicker intermittently to resemble blinking flashlights. The lights are hooked up to a switch box and powered with a solar panel and an old car battery.

The Lion Lights seem to be working as intended too, because ever since Richard set them up, the Turere family hasn’t lost a single animal to lions, which is pretty damn impressive.

Even more impressive is the fact that Turere not only came up with the whole idea on his own, but also planned and installed the entire system by himself, with little to no experience or training in electronics or engineering.

“I did it myself, no one taught me, I just came up with it,” he said, according to a CNN report. “I had to look after my dad’s cows and make sure that they were safe.”

Richard Turere’s invention has spread throughout his community, and several of his neighbors have asked him to help them install their own systems.

So far, at least 75 Lion Lights system have been set up around Kenya, and everyone is behind Turere and his invention, which is being praised by conservationists for its humane approach and because it not only saves herds of cattle, but also lions and money.

Stunned by the Turere’s invention and his achievements, Kenya Land Conservation Trust executive director and chairwoman Paula Kahumbu and her colleagues helped the teenager land a scholarship at one of Kenya’s best schools, where he started last April.

Last year, the 13-year-old appeared in a video titled “My Invention That Outsmarted Lions.” He also spoke at the TED conference in Nairobi, and was invited to speak at TED 2013 in California.

“Richard is quite an extraordinary boy,” Kahumbu told CNN, describing him as a “very smart, curious and surprisingly confident [boy] for his age and background,” who has integrated smoothly with his new classmates at school, most of whom come form wealthy families.

“One thing that’s unique about Richard is that if you give him a problem, he’ll keep working at it until he can fix it,” she added. “He doesn’t give up; he doesn’t find things too difficult; he’s not afraid of being unable to do something and I think this is why he is such a good innovator — because he’s not worried that it might not work, he’s going to try and do it anyway.”

Richard’s dream is to one day work in aviation as a pilot and aircraft engineer, and with his ingenuity and ambition, we’re sure he’ll be able to do whatever he pleases in life.

Cam’ron and His “Bootyfull” Fiancee JuJu Using Guerrilla Social Media Tactics for Possible Reality Show?

Instagram, being one of the newest forms of social media has definitely provided another platform for celebrities to gain fans daily. People on Instagram love to follow their favorite celebs to get an inside look on what they’re wearing, or simply just to be up to date with their everyday moves. But Harlem rapper Cam’ron — the head honcho from the (once disbanded but now back together) rap group Dipset — has taken Instagram to another level. And when we say another level, we mean soft porn.

Cam and his longtime girlfriend JuJu, who is now his fiancée, are working their way to becoming one of instagrams top stars. Recently Cam has been posting explicit pictures of his fiancée which have been rather distasteful, but that’s what the fans love right?

A few days ago Cam posted a picture of JuJu lying face down, ass up on the bed wearing what appears to be a thong and a tank top.

The very revealing photo puts a lot of emphasis on her assets, with the caption from Cam: “Now it’s time for my work out with @iamjuju_ what ya’ll suggest I work on? Lol” with a little over 7,000 likes.

And another crude photo of JuJu from Cam’ron’s Instagram feed shows her sitting in a bath tub, not looking directly in to the camera, and making some very orgasmic faces. Caught up in “the moment,” I guess.

The caption for that one reads: “@iamjuju_ bustin one, sittin on da d$%# while da water hits da clitoris. Made her say hallelujah!!” with only a sad amount of 6,775 likes.

That’s nothing when you have people like Toya Wright aka Lil Wayne’s baby mama, a reality TV star, who can post a simple picture of her sitting poolside completely covered up with over 19,000 likes. (See right)

Not to mention she has about 788,000 followers on instagram, and Cam’ron only has about 167K.

But something tells us Cam’ron and JuJu are definitely up to something. And we wouldn’t be surprised if that “something” turned out to be a reality show, because those two are waaaaaaayyy too pressed for face time on the Internet, if you ask us.

If you recall, Joe Budden from “Love and Hip Hop” NY did the same thing with girlfriend Kaylin Garcia before he landed his spot on the show.

He was posting pics of her daily on Instagram half naked and all. His followers on Instagram started to increase and so did hers. Before you knew, it bam. Love and Hip Hop NY aired, and there she was making appearances on the show, alongside her man, who stars on the show.

So we see what you’re trying to do Cam. You ain’t slick!

Either you’re trying to have your fiancée get a name for herself, or you two have something in the works that we should be on the look out for.

I mean we get it, use these social media platforms to your full advantage if it has the potential chance of pumping life back into career. Just don’t get too desperate and thirsty for attention, because that’s not gangsta.

Video: Chicago’s Murder Rate Shows A Decline

Before people get excited lets see how the summer goes…

The post Video: Chicago’s Murder Rate Shows A Decline appeared first on RealTalkNY Brought To You By Nigel D..


The fabulous Mariah Carey dropped by the Live with Kelly & MIchael show and chatted it up about having the job of American Idol judge, how she’s raked in 500 hours of beauty school as well as how her twins, Roc & Roe are two different personalities:

Monroe puts on my shoes. She tries to put my shoes on. Okay. Her feet are like that big. And she always chooses the most sparkly whatever. She knows the good ones. And Roc likes to watch movies with me. When Nick’s not there he lays on Nick’s side of the bed and watches his favorite, it’s Shrek 2.

Aferwards, the three of them played a round of Movie Minute with Mariah, where Carey had to name the movie based on the quotes that were given. Peep her interview with them up top and with Jimmy Kimmel down below, where she plays champagne pong. Lol

- – - – -

Kirko Bangz & Melanie Fiona on 106 & Park (Video)

Kirko Bangz and Melanie Fiona both checked into 106 & Park yesteryday to talk new album and more. Kirko Bangz spoke on his debut album, H-Town and more, while Melanie Fiona spoke about her friendship with Kendrick Lamar, future plans and more.

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King L – 877 Cash Now x V12 Nut f. Yella

On Friday, King L premiered a new track titled “V12 Nut”, the first track off his March Madness Series and now we get the second track from the latest installment.

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Pusha T – Blocka (In-Studio Performance)

While at DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio show, Pusha Ton performs “Blocka” (off his latest project, Wrath Of Caine). His highly anticipated solo debut My Name Is My Name drops in May. #EGHYUCK.

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[Bitchie Exclusive] Nicki Minaj Talks New Clothing Collection & Revamped Image: ‘I’ve Been Feeling Romantic & Sexy Lately’

Nicki loves her Barbz and loves her new style. Last night, we were on the scene in West Hollywood as Nicki Minaj announced the launch of her new lifestyle brand, “The Nicki Minaj Collection” with Kmart and ShopYourWay, a new interactive...


Kendrick Lamar On Going Against The Norm For ‘Poetic Justice’: ‘I Wanted A Darker Tone Girl In The Video’

Nowadays, models of darker complexions rarely get love and leading roles in music videos and Kendrick Lamar is out to change that. Last month, while shooting the video for his new track, “Poetic Justic” with Drake, he made a last minute...


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