Friday, March 1, 2013

Tyler the Creator Makes Faces Behind Donald Trump’s Back in Epic Photobomb

Tyler the Creator Makes Faces Behind Donald Trump’s Back in Epic Photobomb


Poor Donald Trump… He never even saw it coming.

While Tyler the Creator was at Jimmy Fallon’s studios taping a performance, he and his Odd Future cohort Taco ran into everyone’s favorite hair-plug wearing, Obama-birth-certificate-denying, right-wing multimillionaire.

Being the prankster that he is, Tyler snuck behind Donald and lifted up his shirt while tweaking his nipples with his tongue out. In the words of the late Anna Nicole Smith: You like my baw-dy?

Meanwhile, Donald smiled like a goofball with Taco, who acted as a decoy to lure Donald into the epic photobomb.

Tyler shared the shot with his followers on Instagram, calling him a “musty ass.”

And of course Donald, being Donald, didn’t stay quiet once he got wind of the stunt.

He should’ve known it was a prank. The only black people who get excited to meet Donald Trump these days are the washed up celebrities who rely on him for a paycheck through his “Celebrity Apprentice” show.

Taraji. P. Henson Poses with Her Dog Willy for New PETA Ad

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Taraji P. Henson anymore than we already do. In a very touching inspiring behind the scenes of her photo shoot for PETA’s “Be An Angel For Animals” campaign, Taraji expresses her true love for dogs, shedding light on their loyalty, all while bringing awareness to so many dogs that don’t have homes.

She said, “Dogs to me are like children. They are the closest thing to God. They’re so pure in their love and all they do is aim to please. You can watch video of someone abusing a dog and what does the dog do? He’ll get up with his eye swollen and blood leaking and he’ll still love you. That’s the epitome of unconditional love.”

“I never thought I could be in love with an animal until I had Willy,” Taraji said about her own dog, who appears in the ad with her. “He’s our family. He has beds in every room. He travels everywhere I go. He’s just the best companion.”

She added, “I guess what was very intriguing to me was to find out that they build houses to combat the problem of people leaving their dogs outside and unchained. We’re going to build a house for the dog, so that at least when its raining they have something over their heads.”

PETA is doing an amazing job creating different innovative ways for animal awareness. So many celebrities have been on board with PETA to show just how crucial animals needs really are.

Sometimes we see stray dogs and we don’t even think twice about whether or not it has a home, or if it has food to eat, or if it starts raining, will the dog have a place to go for shelter?

There are so many things that we can do to help. After watching this clip, I think many will be touched.

FYI: This marks the second time Taraji has done an ad for PETA. Back in 2011, she posed naked for their “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked” print ad.

Burglars Break Into Beauty Shop and Make Off with $50K in Hair Weaves


There are some cold, lonely scalps out there tonight, y’all. Take time out to say a prayer for the follically challenged, cause this is not “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” at all.

A local news station in Houston, Texas, reported on a burglary at a beauty shop in the city. During the night, thieves broke off the steel door, cut a hole in the wall and crawled Army style to make off with $50,000 worth of human hair extensions. The shop’s owner Jay Youm was on the verge of tears as the reporter asked him how he felt about the loss.

Watch the newscast below for more info:

Hot damn. If weaves are becoming a hot commodity for the black market, then Beyonce and Nicki Minaj had better keep their wig collections under lock and key. Cause a thief stealing either woman’s treasure trove of fake hair would be the equivalent of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot.

Las Vegas Strip Shooting Suspect Ammar Harris Arrested in Los Angeles

The man being sought in the shooting and fiery crash that killed three people on the world-famous Las Vegas strip last week has been arrested and is in custody in the Los Angeles area.

According to Las Vegas police, Ammar Harris, 26, was arrested Thursday (Feb 28) by police and federal agents in North Hollywood. Harris — who is a “self-described pimp,” the Associated Press noted — was the subject of a multi-state manhunt following the February 21st incident in which three people were killed and five were injured.

Ammar Harris was behind the wheel of a black Range Rover SUV when he opened fire on a Maserati being driven by 27-year-old Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., described by police as an alleged pimp and aspiring rapper who went by the alias Kenny Clutch.”

Police say Harris fired at least five shots into the Maserati, which caused Cherry to lose and control and crash into a taxi cub that subsequently exploded, instantly killing the driver and passenger inside. Cherry was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Harris and Cherry had apparently been arguing in the valet parking lot of the nearby Aria Hotel prior to the shooting.

Police say they have also located the woman who was riding in Harris’ SUV, Tineesha Howard, in another state and interviewed her, and revealed that they had also interviewed two other women who were in the SUV as well. They are making it very clear that Harris is the only person facing charges.

“There is no other person wanted in this case other than Harris,” Jones said. “No one else faces charges,” Vegas police Capt. Chris Jones said.

Tineesha Howard, who also uses the names “Yenesis Alfonzo” or “Yani” is reportedly a 22-year-old from Miami with a history of prostitution arrests. She was identified by police earlier this week as a person of interest in the case who may have been in danger.

Harris also has his own history of arrests. He was arrested last year in Vegas on charges stemming from a 2010 prostitution case under the name “Ammar Asim Faruq Harris,” and was charged with robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping and coercion with a weapon. Police also sought charges of pandering by force and felon in possession of concealed weapon, however court records show that case was dismissed last June.

Harris was also reportedly convicted in South Carolina in 2004 of felony possession with intent to sell a stolen pistol, and was convicted that very same year in Georgia of a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

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