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Video: Mt Vernon Basketball Loses Due To A Miraculous Buzzer Beater

Video: Mt Vernon Basketball Loses Due To A Miraculous Buzzer Beater

I don’t think anyone in the arena could see that coming.

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Kim Kardashian: Girls Night Out With La La Anthony At Nobu

lala kim Kim Kardashian: Girls Night Out With La La Anthony At Nobu

Allow me to take a moment to denounce the ain’t shitness of the parties responsible for the photo mash-up featuring a very pregnant Kim Kardashian having a style showdown against a killer whale. It took everything in me not to drop a tray of garlic crab legs (okay, not really) and wall slide to my death when the image tap danced across my Instagram feed over the weekend. The world wide web is fucking petty, darling. Loves it.

Too bad keen observations alone won’t be enough to keep Kimmy Kakes in the krib throughout her pregnancy.

The former urinal to the stars enjoyed a girls night out with friend La La Anthony at celebrity hot spot Nobu on Friday night (March 1).

Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K-Mart Event

Nicki Minaj and her interchangeable doll parts hit the pink carpet at a media event to promote her new affordable clothing and accessories collection for K-Mart at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, California on Friday (March 1). What’s your verdict on her look?

nicki lunch Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

162946170 94x94 Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

162944003 94x94 Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

162946181 94x94 Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

1629461696 94x94 Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

1629415965 94x94 Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

nicki pink Nicki Minaj: On The Pink Carpet At K Mart Event

“This is like a very exciting moment for me,” said the ‘American Idol’ judge about her collaboration with the discount chain. “Teaming up with K-Mart and is gonna give me a way to have my fans dress like me for an affordable price and it’s going to be rich stuff, quality stuff. My big thing is that it cannot look cheesy and cheap, and that’s what I want to give my beautiful Barbz.”

Don’t forget about the Kenz tossing cafeteria tables like ninja stars at Latex Balls in North Carolina!

Fabolous – “B.I.T.E.” [Video]


Fabolous‘ music video for “B.I.T.E.” is one of those times where the visuals make the song better. I mean, the song isn’t bad but I barely remember it off The SOUL Tape 2. Here Fab takes in back to the projects of Brooklyn all in glorious back & white. Directed by M-Visions.

Lindsay Lohan is “Totally Sober” and Helping Autistic Schoolchildren

Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer Mark Heller held an impromptu press conference the other day outside a Los Angeles courthouse to announce that the troubled star is now “totally sober,” and that she had recently visited an unnamed New York City school to help autistic kids.

“Just what autistic children need for their education,” the New York Post’s Page Six hilariously notes.

But why did Mr. Heller host a press conference just to tell everyone that Lindsay Lohan is sober, and went to visit autistic kids? “She’s certainly not going to alert the media,” Heller told the webloid.

Of course not Heller, that’s what she has people like you for.

According to Page Six:

Heller also said Lohan was turning her life around and having intensive “one-on-one psychotherapy” in a bid to avoid more rehab: “Lindsay does not have a problem with alcohol or drugs . . . She is totally sober.”

Ha! Sure.

All jokes aside, it’s good that Lindsay Lohan wants to help the kids and is striving for sobriety. She’s just like the little engine that could! “I think I can, I think I can.”

New Music from Chris Brown: “Let The Blunt Go”

Rihanna’s possible future baby daddy Chris Brown has some new music for your listening pleasure: “Let The Blunt Go” (featuring Problem) — a cut from Funkmaster Flex’s upcoming mixtape ‘Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself?’

Funkmaster Flex’s new mixtape will also feature guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, French Montana, Juicy J, Childish Gambino and many others.


Justin Bieber Tweets “Worst Birthday” After Club Security Ruins His 19th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber turned 19 years old on Friday (Mar 1), and the teen superstar had a big $20,000 birthday party planned to celebrate it. But his party plans were reportedly ruined after his entourage got into a fight with security at the venue where it was being held … prompting the Biebs to tweet “Worst birthday.”

The sad tweet from the Biebs came just hours after he tweeted about him being en route to celebrate his birthday following his concert in Birmingham, England.

And boy did he celebrate. According to an E! News report, the singer partied with his rumored girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke and other friends in a circus-themed birthday bash at London’s Cirque du Soir Friday night (Mar 1) until the wee hours Saturday morning.

Things were going pretty good too … that is, until security had to be security and go and ruin everything. Someone who was at the party told E! Online that Justin’s entourage got into a confrontation with club security, and Bieber’s people — including all of his party guests — were eventually asked to leave.

No official word on what exactly the “confrontation” was about, but the source said that it all happened very quickly, and the birthday ran straight to his hotel in tears. Just kidding (about the tears). Justin Bieber is a big boy now, and big boys don’t cry. But he did tweet this:

And what do the Beliebers think about all of this? Well, they’re pretty pissed. But of course they’re pissed. Justin’s birthday was ruined!

Twitter immediately lit up with angry tweets from Beliebers, who blamed the paparazzi — and oddly not the nightclub bouncers — for ruining Justin’s night, citing some bizarre story about the paps following Justin to the party, breaking his umbrella and hurting “my boo Jaden Smith.”

Justin later took to his Twitter to respond to the support he received from his army of fans:

Joe Budden Speaks On Consequence Confrontation (Video)

Joe speaks on his confrontation with Consequence and what was talked about during the encounter when they met face to face.

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Meek Mill & Future Are #10 & #9 On MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” List (Video)

MTV is back it with their always controversial Hottest MC in the Game list. Kick starting the countdown, Music Television selected Meek Mill (No. 10) and Future (No. 9).

MGK Previews “Peso” Featuring Meek Mill & Pusha T In Boston (Video)

The other night Machine Gun Kelly put on a performance at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston and debuted a brand new song titled “Peso” featuring Meek Mill and Pusha T from his upcoming project, Black Flag dropping in March.

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